The Rising Popularity of Water Sports in Austria

  • Thursday, Sep 28, 2023

Per a survey conducted in 2022, a 3% increase from 2021 to 2022 was observed in the number of UK adults who tried a water sports activity. Many reports say water sports in the UK have been experiencing a rise in popularity particularly after the strict period imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Having explored a greater part of the country’s coastline, more UK residents have started visiting Austria for a different water sports experience. While some engage in water sports for leisure and nothing else, others are more attracted by the array of related competitions held in the country annually. Let’s look at water sports in Austria as I share with you some of the best locations to visit to try different types of activities.


Top Water Sports Leisure Activities in Austria

When we talk about water sports and sailing in Austria, our minds go towards surfing, water skiing, kayaking, rafting, rafting, and sailing among others. With the country’s impressive beaches, fast rivers, and intriguing canons, it’s normal that these activities are embraced by both locals and visitors from abroad.

With a visit to Vienna, Austria’s capital, and largest city, people get a chance to try out motorboat rides from Vienna to Bratislava. For those who do not fear adrenaline rush, waterboarding brings a high dose of excitement over the calm waters of Vienna. Kayaking is hardly a one-person activity and offers relaxation as you sail through the waters and explore the Danube Island. True water sports lovers who would enjoy some muscle workouts go snorkelling to discover the marine world of the city. Besides these, there’s also speed boating which is very much enjoyed by true water sports lovers. The ideal period for any of these water sports activities is typically between April - May during mild spring and between September – October when the fall occurs. During these months, rates are relatively affordable compared to the June – August period which marks the summit of the season.

Another city in Austria with a special charm for water sports lovers is Bregenz located in the Eastern part of Lake Constance also known as Bodensee. Considering its strategic location close to a natural water body, it’s no surprise that the city has made water activities one of its major tourist attractions. Lake Constance offers countless opportunities for boat trips, stand-up paddling, sailing, and windsurfing. It is believed that the Western part of the lake is great for canoe hiking.

Away from me the thought of moving forward without mentioning Klagenfurt which bords the Eastern shores of Lake Wörthersee. Here, individual and group water activities are the order of the day. From Kayaking to sailing, diving, water skiing, and even wakesurfing, there’s a lot to do to keep you entertained. Plus, Lake Wörthersee is one of the rare lakes in Austria where motorboats are allowed. The lake is also the venue of the Alpen Adria Swin Cup which is a great opportunity for beginner swimming racers.

More to Water Sports than Leisure

Not so long ago, sailing was given a new face with the introduction of the very first European Dream Cup (EDC). It is a new format of a major non-profit sporting event which assembles 10 European countries on Lake Garda in Gargnano, Italy. During the very first edition which was held in July 2023, young and passionate sailors from Austria, Denmark, and Spain among others learnt to compete on the 69F class. This event is part of the Erasmus+ Sports Program and was enjoyed by thousands of tourists. As a matter of fact, beyond the passionate watching of sailing, many are those who now find it a good betting ground.

Indeed, there’s a growing interest in betting on water sports in Austria with many bookmakers including water sports events on their boards. To help you with your wagers, you could learn about the previous performances of racers and watch TV news to get the latest updates. Some sports betting sites may even provide live streaming of water racing events for those who can’t find another suitable way to follow the competitions. When seeking to register at a bookmaker, make sure water sports betting markets are provided as the sport is yet to be widely embraced by betting sites.